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Did you know that some properties have oil royalties. Did that transfer with your home? Are your boarder lines correct? Did you check your zoning permits if you have animals? Or about your home owners association regulations? Taking time for a free consultation could save you a bundle.

Be Real Estate Savvy

Buying a home is wonderful and exciting. The Law Office of Madaen will work with you hand in hand to insure your documents are in order because when it comes to property owner's rights and responsibilities you want to really understand your agreements, Madaen offers unique understanding, articulation and prosecutes the law for every client which is the foundation of the Law Firm of Madaen.

Madaen, a licensed real estate broker and savvy lawyer with dynamic courtroom demeanor possesses determination and success for posiive results

. Over 9 Years Experience
. Free Initial Consultation
. Flexible Appointment Availably
. Personal Attention on Every Case
. Flat Fees Quoted

Filing . Process

. Residential home sales transactions
. Eminent domain / condemnation / takings
. Restrictive covenants and regime restrictions
. Homeowners associations
. Condominium law
. Landlord-Tenant disputes
. Evictions
. Foreclosures
. Real estate contracts
. Zonings
. Boundary and easement disputes
. Title disputes
. Construction defect litigation
. Mechanic's liens
. Business formation and litigation
. Wills and estates

Importance of You

You want a smooth and precise transactions during all stages of the home buying and selling experience.

Law Office of Madaen will facilitate the best for you.

. Draft or review your sales contract
. Negotiate real estate agreement
. Review your lending documents
. Search and clear title
. Analyze your deal and rectify potential problems
. Handle land use, zoning and permitting
. Conduct your real estate closing