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Mortgage Facts

Make a List the most important facts of the case: Did the lender bait-and-switch you with a predatory loan? Were you unfairly turned down for a mortgage modification? And gather documentation, from the paperwork you gave the lender at application to the letters you got after you fell behind on payments. Taking a look to see if there were any unfair practices involved in the creation of that mortgage," says Ira Rheingold, executive director of the National Association of Consumer Advocates, is important and documents of a history of your correspondence with the lender.

We will discuss all this and create resolve to your issues.

It's Not Over

If anything is certain about the foreclosure crisis, it's that it isn't over. That has important implications, not only for people losing their homes but also for those planning to sell or buy a home this year.

As of January, about 3 million properties were in foreclosure, headed that way or already owned by banks, according to the latest report from CoreLogic, an information, analytics and business-services company in Santa Ana, Calif.

About 1.6 million of those homes were believed to be in the so-called shadow inventory, a supply of foreclosure properties not yet listed for sale. It's a major stumbling block to a housing recovery, says Mark Fleming, chief economist of CoreLogic.

"It puts downward pressure on home prices, which hurts home sales and building activity," Fleming said in a statement.