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Civil Litigation Center

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When faced with a litigation issue you want an attorney with extensive experience and skills. One that goes the extra distance, so you obtain the best solutions. The Law Office of Madaen is the one ready to fight for you.

Civil Litigation

An initial free consultation will establish your claim.

Once agreed upon Madaen will represent you which is case management and litigate for your case. His vast expertise with cases gives his clients assurance they are being taken care of with their claim.

Many cases settle before trial but if no settlement can be reach you go to trial. Madaen, a top litigator, will represent you with professional court room know how and skill.

. Complex Civil Cases
. General Civil Litigation
. Real Property Cases
. Business Disputes
. Civil Litigation
. Commercial Litigation
. Construction Defects
. Contract Litgation
. Real Estate Litigation
. Fraud
. Elder Abuse
. Restring Orders
. Unfair Business Practices
. Insurance Coverage and Bad Faith

The Law Office of Madaen represents individuals and corporations from small to large claims treating all with passion, determination and care.

Madaen is a problem solver, finding solutions fast and efficiently saving clients time and costs.